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Our Story

Tatlan Food is a family company that has been serving since 1875 in the Bayramic district of Canakkale province, near Mehmet Akif Ersoy House, on the outskirts of Mount Ida (Kazdaği), the cradle of Troy Legends.

The roots of Tatlan Food go back to the past five generations, until 1875. The traditional production of halvah, dating back five generations, has been passed down from generation to generation. Our family adopted the Tatlan brand by taking the first steps towards institutionalization in the 1970s. In the 1980s, established a production and distribution network was for the districts and villages of Canakkale, and Tatlan became the trusted brand that comes to mind when it comes to halva in Canakkale.

In the 1990s, Tatlan Food opened up to national and international markets and continuously increased its technology usage, production capacity, sales volume, product quality, and variety, and renewed itself and wrote its own success story.

Tatlan Food has increased its production of halvah, 350 kilograms per day with five employees in 1996, to 5,000 kilograms per day with 35 employees.

As the 5th generation Tatlan generation, our goal is to make the future generations love and adopt halvah and tahini while remaining faithful to the Tatlan Word, without compromising the traditional taste and quality.

There is a famous proverb in Turkish; “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” Based on this proverb, Tatlan, for years, we have been trying to explain the benefits of tahini, for example, its effects on the mind and brain development of children and young people, and its importance in the fight against obesity. We are trying to raise awareness in society and the world about the immune-enhancing effects of tahini.

With the increase of this awareness, we strive to contribute to our country’s development and growth and protect all humanity’s health.

As the Tatlan Food family, offering healthy, natural, and delicious products to our country and the human family is our unchanging principle and our most significant value.

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