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About Us

As Tatlan Food, the 5th generation of the Tatlan tradition, which continues from 1875 to the present, we produce tahini, molasses, tahini halva, jam, and honey in our modern production facilities on the slopes of Mount Ida, the cradle of the Trojan Legends. Seasonal, personal and demand-specific products are also produced in the Tatlan Food Factory with the Tatlan quality assurance.

Tatlan Food constantly renews and diversifies itself and its product range with ten types of Tahini Halva, four kinds of Summer Halva, Bulk Tahini and Molasses, Bakery Halva, Jam varieties.

At Tatlan Food Factory, an organization with social awareness and respects ethical values, we produce diabetic halva by considering our customers with diabetes or sensitivity to sugar. We use naturally identical sweeteners in our diabetic products, following international standards.

In Turkish hospitality, the best, the highest quality, is served to the guest and presented to his liking. The guest also pays more visits to the place where safe and delicious food is served. We see our customers as our guests. At Tatlan Food, we aim to grow with customer satisfaction and trust by presenting Tatlan branded natural, healthy, delicious, reliable, high-quality products that can be eaten with peace of mind and with pleasure to our guests’ tables.

Tatlan Food has five commitments to its customers:

There is no place for adulteration (mixing anything in it) in Tatlan Halvah.
There is no place for preservatives in Tatlan Halvah.
100% Sesame tahini is used in Tatlan Halvah.
There is no palm oil in Tatlan Halvah.
Dyestuffs are not used in Tatlan Halvah.

Tatlan Food offers our products with internationally accepted ISO 9001, BRC, HACCP Halal, ISO 22000, and Kosher quality standards in its modern facilities to domestic and international markets.

Tatlan Food aims to make the new generations, Turkish and world youth love the indispensable types of halva, tahini, and molasses, which are essential for traditional Turkish tables.

With its superior quality, natural and unique taste, Tatlan has become a sought-after taste and brand by reaching a wider audience day by day, offering products that will be desired by those who have tasted it once again.

Tatlan Food offers various tahini and halvah on the shelves of Migros, Carrefour, Metro Gross Market, BIM, and ŞOK, which are among the common and well-known chain stores. Tatlan Food also manufactures PL products of Metro markets, Ülker and Tesco.

Tatlan Food exports its flavors to Germany, Ukraine, France, England, Israel, and Libya. Besides, Tatlan Food also manufactures PL products of Turkish Companies in Germany.

Tatlan Halvah was awarded the “Golden Brand” award by the All-Consumers Protection Association in 2010 and 2017. At the age of 2018, Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce and Tatlan Food have signed a joint effort to make young people and children love tahini halvah and gain a habit of using it from a young age. During our collaborative work with UR-GE, which are still in progress, industrial designed “Chocolate Waterfall” concept name chocolate, white chocolate and caramel halvah, plain, cocoa, pistachio, “Mini Baklava Slice” halvah with coffee, hazelnut, and sesame, plain, cocoa, Products of “Petek Halvah” with Pistachio and “Petek Halvah” have emerged and offered to consumers. The consumers so love these products that some companies have unfortunately tried to be imitated unsuccessfully. Although we, as Tatlan Food, follow the legal processes, the laws’ gaps make it difficult to get results.

Today, Tatlan Food continues to offer the natural, additive-free, preservative-free tahini and halvah varieties of the Tatlan brand to the Turkish and world tables, with the brands “Troy,” “Neffismiş”, “Mehmet Ali Efendi.”

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