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What is Tahini Halvah?

Tahin helvası nedir? Tatlan helvanın farkı nedir?

As a general definition, tahini halva is cooked after adding sugar, water, and citric acid, if necessary, edible glucose syrup. The obtained sugar syrup is waxed and bleached with the Gypsophila extract and then mixed with tahini and kneaded correctly. It refers to a stable, homogeneous, fine-fiber product prepared following its technique by adding flavoring substances when necessary. Tahini halvah can be consumed directly without the need for any processing. Tahini halvah is suitable for all consumers if no additives are added to its content in the usual procedure. Tahini halvah does not contain an ingredient that requires a warning for any sensitive consumer group. It should be transported, stored, and put up for sale in a cool, dry, and sunless place. 

What is the Difference between Tatlan Tahini Halvah from Others?

Tatlan Tahini halvah is a natural fiber source product prepared with traditional methods. As we have explained in our previous articles, it does not contain any artificial additives other than natural ingredients, and it does not contain trans-fat. However, it includes 60% extra tahini. It is rich in tahini. So, what does it mean with plenty of tahini? If asked, Plenty of Tahini: According to the Turkish Food Codex Tahini Halvah Communiqué (2015/28) ANNEX-1, the Tahini Amount should be at least 52%. This rate is 60-65% in Tatlan tahini halvah. You can consume Tatlan Tahini halvah with peace of mind with features such as plenty of tahini, being natural, and preparing it with traditional methods like the first day.

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